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Metro Estate & Business Law, PLLC • Serving Clients throughout Fairfax, Ashburn & Loudoun County, VA

If you are looking for Matsen & Miller, PLLC, you've found the right place. Welcome to Metro Estate & Business Law, PLLC, we believe that the role of the attorney is first and foremost, to listen to what clients want.

We spend time getting to know our clients so we can draft more personalized documents. It is important to understand and address the needs of the client. No one should settle for documents that they do not understand or do not reflect their wishes. That does not happen at our office!

Equally important, however, is for the attorney to stay abreast of the ever-changing law. Our attorneys strive to stay up to date-on-latest developments in our areas of law. We regularly teach continuing legal education and create original documents to address the changes.

Life is full of uncertainties – uncertainties in our personal lives, our professional lives, and in the world around us. Through careful planning, we help you prepare for the unexpected. We listen to what you want, and articulate that in personalized legal documents that make sure your wishes are carried out in the event the unexpected happens.

Our holistic approach makes us the firm of choice for clients who own multiple properties, have interests in or are owners of a business, or have otherwise complicated estates. We apply that same approach to developing customized plans for families with young children, blended families, and families who may have a family member with special needs.

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Specialty Services:

Qualified Settlement Trusts

a flexible and powerful tool used to simplify class action lawsuit settlements and personal injury lawsuits.

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Trust Decanting

Allows a trustee to make changes while providing certain protections for the beneficiaries.

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What sets Metro Estate & Business Law, PLLC apart from other Fairfax area law firms is our extensive experience
with — and willingness to — assist in these advanced legal matters.

What Clients Say

  • Rhonda was wonderful to work with in setting up our trust where we live in Virginia. She listened to our needs and offered sound options and advice. She was also instrumental in resolving an elder care issue with my mother in California. She is a caring professional.

    Berry & Carol S.

  • My husband and I are very satisfied with your service in helping us to revise my husband’s Trust, Living Will, and Durable Power of Attorney. Throughout the process, Rhonda Miller kept us well informed and paid special attention to our special needs. We feel very fortunate to have worked with Rhonda, a great lawyer!

    Dr. Neill K. Weaver and Shiping Quin

  • Rhonda helped me through some difficult times. As a widow planning my potential estate distribution in a way that met my intentions and addressed the varying degrees of maturity among my children and grandchildren became an overwhelming exercise for me. Rhonda spent a great deal of time with getting to know me and where each of my concerns lay. I knew what I wanted or thought I did, she know-how to lay it all out in away the will make it easy for my executor and trustee to execute. I couldn’t be happier. In addition to my initial visit, Rhonda will regularly call me for a brush up on my affairs. I am convinced that thanks to her what could have been an ugly mess among siblings will be an easy passage—that is if my plan doesn’t work out—- I have a stroke while spending the last $20 learning the tango!

    Cheryl S.

  • I hired Rhonda Miller in 2007 when I was ready to turn my new business into a legal entity. Rhonda explained all of the business options available to me as a Virginia business owner as well as federal and state tax liability. Rhonda helped us structure our business to also protect our personal assets and prepare for future earnings and the needs of our children.

    Since my first meeting over 5 years ago, Rhonda has become a trusted legal advisor who has reviewed contracts, developed proprietary legal agreements, and made excellent recommendations to allied service professionals. Her attention to detail has saved us from making potentially costly mistakes and her expert knowledge of contracts and business planning has helped us structure more profitable agreements. We credit her for the growth of our business. We are now working with her to plan the next 5 years of our growth as we add more employees and expand. This planning is especially important now as we are planning for our future retirement needs and that of our family. We wish to preserve our wealth, remain in control of our health decisions, and ensure that our family is taken care of. Rhonda has great compassion and understanding for our personal needs and wishes and always gives honest advice. She regularly reaches out to us with legal and tax updates when something changes that may effect our business.

    Sharon R.

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